Voting Precinct Shift Dismays Knox Democrats

A key Democratic precinct in what has been state Rep. Harry Tindell’s 13th House District has been combined with another precinct by Knox County election officials and Democrats are not happy.
From Georgiana Vines:
Gloria Johnson, chair of the Knox County Democratic Party and the only Democratic candidate seeking Tindell’s seat, said Belle Morris (Elementary School) was her precinct and she didn’t know the change (to Larry Cox Senior Recreation Center) was coming.
In addition, her campaign called 500 voters in the district a week ago and nobody knew the precinct had been changed, she said. She did receive a new voter registration card on Wednesday, she said.
It was included in a letter from the Knox County Election Commission notifying voters of a change in precinct, said Cliff Rodgers, elections administrator. Rodgers said he recommended Belle Morris be closed because the Cox Center is more handicapped accessible. When elections are held while school is in session, the disabled entrance at Belle Morris is locked and voters must be allowed in through the school office, he said.

One thought on “Voting Precinct Shift Dismays Knox Democrats

  1. TRYknox

    There is a handicap entrance with adequate parking by this entrance at Belle Morris. Although this door may be locked when school is in session, whenever it is used as a polling place the election officer makes sure this door is unlocked and disabled voters can get in. For whatever reason, Cliff Rodgers is either lying or severely misinformed.

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