Bob Corker: A Traveling Man

Tennessee’s Sen. Bob Corker spent more on travel than lawmakers from geographically larger states such as California, Texas, Alaska and New Mexico, reports The Tennessean, with the total nearly $207,000 during the 12 months ending March 31.
That’s more than all but eight other senators, a Tennessean Washington Bureau analysis of Senate records shows. Most of the senators who outspent Corker hail from large states where they often must fly to travel between cities, or from sparsely populated states where commercial flights are typically expensive or unavailable.
Corker also spent more than Tennessee’s senior senator, Republican Lamar Alexander, who reported travel expenses of $156,771 during the 12-month period. Alexander still spent more than most of his colleagues, however, ranking No. 29 out of 100 senators.
Those figures include only travel expenses paid out of lawmakers’ fiscal 2011 and 2012 budgets. They do not include trips taken by groups of lawmakers to foreign countries or travel funded by outside groups.
Corker’s spokeswoman, Laura Herzog, said the senator travels frequently to keep in touch with constituents.

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