Ferrell Haile Deemed Frontrunner in Senate District 18

Republicans hope to maintain their hold on the 18th Senate District, but they will have to contend with a redistricting plan that has removed the office’s current holder from consideration and left the seat up for grabs, reports Chas Sisk.
Redistricting removed Robertson County, swapping it out for smaller Trousdale County and portions of the Hermitage neighborhood in Nashville. The realignment removes incumbent Sen. Kerry Roberts, R-Springfield, from the race and raises the importance of Sumner County, home to about 80 percent of the district’s residents and all five of its candidates.
Four Republicans are running in the Aug. 2 primary.
Gallatin pharmacist Ferrell Haile has been the frontrunner for the seat, which he briefly held last year in a temporary appointment. The race also features Jeff Coker, an insurance agent and financial planner from Hendersonville; Tony Allers, the director of codes and planning for the city of Gallatin; and Brock Ewell, the president of a fire safety company from Portland.
The winner will take on Democrat Maria Brewer, a Hendersonville sign company representative, in the general election.
None of the five has been elected to public office before, although Haile served briefly in the state Senate under an interim appointment last year.
Conservative and independent voters appear to hold the key to the election. The four Republicans have sparred over which is the “real” conservative, and even Brewer, the Democrat, appeared last month at a forum put on by Sumner United for Responsible Government, the local tea party group.
…Haile, who served in the 18th District seat after Diane Black was elected to Congress in 2010, has raised nearly $200,000 for his campaign. He tapped a well of donors that includes fellow pharmacists, companies such as Cracker Barrel and AT&T, and powerful law firms such as Waller and Adams & Reese.
Haile also has lent his campaign $20,000.
…Haile’s next closest fund-raising competitor is Coker, a Republican activist who has raised about $37,000 for his campaign.
Like Haile, Coker says he is running for the seat because he is concerned about the impact of the Affordable Care Act and the slow economy.

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  1. Tim Chandler

    Ferrell Haile is the right man to fill the Senate Seat for District 18 and will work for the right reasons…
    He built his business and can do it for Tennessee as well…let a proven business man serve us all. VOTE for FERRELL HAILE on August 2nd in DISTRICT 18.

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