NRA: Maggart ‘No Longer Qualified’

NRA Political Victory Fund memo to media:
As you may know, the National Rifle Association is launching an independent expenditure campaign to defeat Rep. Debra Maggart, Republican Caucus Chair of the Tennessee General Assembly in the upcoming August 2 primary election ( We believe that Rep. Maggart is no longer qualified to represent District 45 and that Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers is the best candidate for this position.
As Tennesseans, we were taught to stand up for what we believe and not say one thing and do another, but unfortunately that is exactly what Deb Maggart has done to the people she represents. She claims to support our gun rights publicly, but behind closed doors she cut backroom political deals to ensure vital self-defense legislation allowing hard-working Tennesseans to protect themselves was never allowed to come to the floor for a debate or vote. I know, because I was there.
Recently, Rep. Maggart sent an email… to the entire GOP caucus criticizing our opposition to her and noted in her opening paragraph what she felt was a lack of political donations from our organization. Rep. Maggart also dismissed the concerns of more than 100,000 dues-paying NRA members who are proud to call Tennessee home, wrongly suggesting that this campaign is driven by Washington, D.C. operatives rather than by the concerns of honest Tennesseans who want to be able to protect themselves.
While Rep. Maggart might only be concerned with campaign contributions and political maneuvering, we remain concerned with policy and protecting our citizens. The people of Tennessee deserve better and this is why we are working to educate them with this campaign.

Here are some highlights of our activity:
The National Rifle Association will be investing significant resources to expose Maggart on why she needs to be voted out of office and why Lt. Courtney Rogers is the best candidate to represent TN-45.
As you can see from our billboard, the NRA will highlight the surprising parallels between President Obama and Rep. Maggart. Both Obama and Maggart claim to support our rights, but as state legislators, both worked behind the scenes against the 2nd Amendment.
While Rep. Maggart is claiming the NRA only exists in Washington, D.C., we expect she will soon hear from some of the NRA’s Tennessee members and our grassroots supporters.
Since she doesn’t seem to know that the NRA has a large membership base in her home state, here are some other interesting facts for Rep. Maggart about Tennessee NRA members:
There are more than 100,000 NRA dues-paying members in the state
363,499 concealed permit holders in the state as of June 5
251,259 hunting licenses statewide
NRA’s Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment passed with 87% voter approval in 2010 in Tennessee
In conclusion, as a proud Tennessean, I join the members of the NRA who are saddened that Debra Maggart is not pleased to represent the fine gun owners of her district. Ours is a “truth” campaign as Maggart is misrepresenting her support for the 2nd Amendment, misrepresenting the Safe Commute Act, misrepresenting the members of the oldest civil rights organization in America – and misrepresenting an honorable opponent. I am happy to discuss this with you further.
Watch this report to see the real Debra Maggart in action:

2 thoughts on “NRA: Maggart ‘No Longer Qualified’

  1. Sumner County TN

    This is not all she has done to undermine the people, that she is suppose to represent. Lets not forget how she was responsible for presenting a bill that eliminated our Teachers ability eliminate collective bargaining. The irony to that story….She sponsored this bill for “Tennessee School Board Association” (aka…was paid to carry the bill). This was never about our children. It was about her getting paid from “Tennessee School Board Association” to push out the “Tennessee Education Association”….
    Glad to see her leaving!

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