Corker Has a Secret Plan to Balance the Federal Budget

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Bob Corker says he’s developed a plan to reform taxes and balance the federal budget, but he’s not planning to release details until after the election.
He told the Chattanooga Times Free Press ( on Monday that his plan will both cut entitlement spending and raise more money.
Corker said he intends to keep his “soup to nuts” plan private until after the presidential election is settled but he’s submitted a draft for review by congressional budget staff. The Chattanooga Republican said he thinks his proposal can provide a path to compromise between Republicans who want to cut spending and Democrats who want to raise taxes.
Corker is seeking re-election but doesn’t face a strong challenge in the Aug. 2 primary or Nov. 6 general election.

UPDATE: Corker’s latest campaign TV ad makes reference to the secret plan. Watch it HERE.

Text of Corker’s remarks in the commercial:
“I’m working hard to change the way Washington does business.
Putting a stop to endless deficit spending, a stop to all the unnecessary regulation.
We need a simpler, pro-growth tax system that encourages job creation, giving every Tennessean a chance to earn a good living or create a great business in an America that always lives within its means.
We don’t really have a choice.
That’s what we have to do.
I’m Bob Corker, and I approve this message.”

One thought on “Corker Has a Secret Plan to Balance the Federal Budget

  1. Mark Twain for US Senate

    I see Senator Corker has cottoned up to Washingtony politics. He’s practicing Pelosi Politics to see my “secret plan vote for me first,then you can see what’s in it”. Haven’t we all heard that song before (Obama Care).
    How foolish does Senator Corker think we are? Pelosi already pulled this trick on America! Maby the bad senator is Ashamed of his plan. I’m proud of mine! All I want to do is raise tariffs, and build a transcontinental passenger rail road.
    I want to raise tariffs for two reasons:
    1. Even when spending is wrangled under control, we still owe $15.4T. I don’t feel right sticking the Small Businesses or Household tax payers w/this burden. Apply half of tariffs to the debt.
    2. Apply other half towards the rail road. This will be no cost to tax payers. When was the last time we had a program, with a way to pay for it? Not in Senator Corkers time. Also this rail system is to be 110% MADE IN USA. This will give industry a reason to fire up. I view a job as a task you do for a fee. A tax break is not a job! If giving tax breaks really created jobs, after 10+yrs of this practice, we should have jobs coming out of our ears!
    Unlike the Tea Party’s candidate. My economic plan does not require tax theorys, or surrendering your CIVIL LIBERTIES (right to vote). Unlike Senator Corkers you don’t have to vote me in first, I just told y’all!

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