Pat Nolan Recovering from Stroke

Nashville political analyst and television commentator Pat Nolan is recovering from a stroke suffered hursday while attending the 50th anniversary of Metro government celebration at the Metro Courthouse, reports Gail Kerr.
According to a Friday statement by John Van Mol, a partner with Nolan’s firm, DVL Public Relations and Advertising, “He is in the ICU for now, but rested well last night, is alert and carrying on conversations.
“Pat’s wife says doctors are telling her the early indictions are that he will make a full recovery following a period of rehab which will begin very soon.”
Nolan had a long career with WTVF-Channel 5 as a reporter, before going to work for former Mayor Richard Fulton. As a member of DVL, he’s continued to provide election night commentary on Channel 5 and do a weekly television show on political issues.

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