Haslam Says TN Ready for Supreme Health Care Ruling — Either Way

Gov. Bill Haslam says Tennessee is ready for Thursday’s expected Supreme Court ruling on the federal healthcare overhaul, no matter what the Supreme Court decides, reports WPLN, beecause the state has been carefully keeping its options open for the last year.
If the federal law stands, the state’s main responsibility would be setting up an insurance exchange. It’d be a state-run website like Expedia where people could comparison-shop for health insurance. The state’s been using federal grants to pay for planning its exchange, so Haslam says it’s ready, whichever way the Supreme Court decides.
“You know, if they don’t strike it down, we’re on that path. Obviously I’m hoping that they do, because I think it saves the state money long-term, and that’ll make things easier. But I think we’ve played this right in the sense of being ready either way it goes.”

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