Burchett, Democratic Leader Talk on Campaign Disclosure Woes

The leader of the Knox County Democratic Party tells Mike Donila that her organization will hold off calling a special meeting to discuss Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s campaign financial reports and instead will give him a chance to investigate why the documents included misstatements and didn’t list thousands in expenditures.
“He made a promise to me that he is committed to getting to the bottom of this and resolving the discrepancies in his financial report,” said Gloria Johnson, the party’s chairwoman.
Johnson said she spoke with the mayor on Tuesday, a day after she said the group would call a special meeting to discuss the reports.
“At this point, there won’t be a meeting,” she said. “We’ll wait and see what the facts actually are. Mayor Burchett says he’ll resolve this and we’ll trust him to resolve this, but we’re still going to be paying close attention to it.”
She said the two did not discuss a timeframe for when the mayor would know more.

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