Writing Off Home State, TN Democrats Campaign in N.C. for Obama

Knoxville’s Obama for America campaign, an official re-election effort for President Barack Obama, is focusing its efforts on making phone calls and walking in neighborhoods in North Carolina with the realization that Tennessee is expected to be a red state for presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in November, reports Georgiana Vines.
The campaign by Democrats is having a series of house parties to explain the strategy and line up volunteers. One such party was held Sunday at the West Knox County home of Mary Linda and Arnold Schwarzbart with nearly 50 in attendance.
…Gloria Johnson, Knox County Democratic Party chairwoman, who is a candidate for the 13th House District seat, told the group she traveled to North Carolina and Pennsylvania in 2008.
“I had the best time,” she said. “It made me see how important Tennessee is.” The Knox County special education teacher often talks about how she was never active in politics until the first Obama campaign.

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