Fincher Re-election Likely Assured (though he must take Hart)

There’s a big difference between the 8th Congressional District race of 2010 and the contest this year, observes Bart Sullivan in a review of campaign now underway.
The winner, incumbent Stephen Fincher, is being challenged by Dyer County juvenile delinquency counselor Annette Justice in the Republican primary Aug. 2.
He’s likely to face Democrats’ Timothy Dixon, Wes Bradley or Christa Stoscheck in November as well as two independents, including James L. Hart of Henry County, who has repeatedly sought the office since 2002. This year, Hart, 68, is parading around courthouse squares with a sandwich board bearing the slogans “Bury the Counter-Culture, Not Our Children,” and “Send the Mexicans back to Mexico.”
He won the Republican primary in 2004 and went on to win 59,853 votes against (former Democratic Rep. John) Tanner but has not done as well since.
This year, none of the challengers has much name recognition, an indication to Union University political science department chairman Sean F. Evans that Democrats have conceded the seat to Fincher.
Redistricting also made the seat more Republican-leaning while placing more of Shelby County in it, opening Fincher, 39, to a possible challenge down the line, Evans suggests. But for the moment, he said, Fincher’s hold seems solid.

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