Club for Growth Faults Fleischmann on Deficit-Cutting Votes

Weston Wamp said a new study validates his charge that U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann hasn’t honored a campaign pledge to save taxpayer cash, reports the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.
“Mr. Fleischmann’s record shows that his walk does not line up with his talk,” Wamp said Thursday in a news release. “When he had a chance to make a difference and cut spending, he couldn’t pull the trigger.”
Wamp, who along with two others is challenging Fleischmann in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District Republican primary, was remarking on a study released by the Washington, D.C.-based Club for Growth. The study tracked House votes on this year’s 25 proposed amendments to appropriations bills that would have slashed spending and put the savings toward debt reduction — something Fleischmann claims to attempt every time he visits the House floor.
Not so, according to the study. Fleischmann supported 11 of 25 amendments overall, scoring 44 percent and finishing last among seven House Republicans from Tennessee.
The average Republican scored 59 percent.
Fleischmann defended his voting record.
“Most of these votes would have adversely impacted Oak Ridge [Tenn.], and I have said from day one … that the ongoing national security and nuclear energy work at Oak Ridge is a top priority of mine,” Fleischmann said in a email sent by campaign spokesman Jordan Powell.
In his release, Wamp, the 25-year-old son of former U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp, did not say whether he would have supported all the appropriations amendments, but in the past he has praised his father’s support for Oak Ridge and pledged to continue that tradition.

Note: The Wamp release is below.

News release from Weston Wamp campaign:
CHATTANOOGA, TN – Third District Congressional candidate Weston Wamp said today that a new scorecard that tracks votes on amendments that cut spending shows that Congressman Chuck Fleischmann is not serious about attacking the biggest challenge facing America.
“Out of control spending is the reason for the outrageous and dangerous national debt in America, and Mr. Fleischmann’s record shows that his walk does not line up with his talk,” said Wamp. “When he had a chance to make a difference and cut spending, he couldn’t pull the trigger. So much for the proven conservative.”
According to a new scorecard from the Club for Growth that tracks votes on amendments to cut spending on fiscal year 2013 House appropriations bills and use the savings for deficit reduction, Fleischmann has voted in support of only 11 of 25 spending cut amendments, or 44%. Fleischmann has the worst record of all seven Republican members of the Tennessee Delegation, and 150 members of the Republican majority in the House have higher percentages than Fleischmann. Twenty Republicans voted for all the spending cuts. The amendments represent potentially billions of dollars of cuts that could go toward reducing the national debt.
“This new scorecard is straight forward and Mr. Fleischmann’s constituents need to know that he is not serious about cutting spending and reducing the national debt that threatens our very existence,” said Wamp. “He represents the status quo in Washington, and it’s time for something different.”
Amazingly, Mr. Fleischmann was among the Republicans who failed to pass an amendment that called for a .27 percent across the board cut in discretionary spending on an Energy and Water appropriations bill.
“Our current congressman couldn’t find the willpower to cut less than one third of one percent of a bill about discretionary spending,” said Wamp. “That’s simply amazing.”

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