Corker Buying $2.5 Million in Campaign Ads

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., will hit the television airwaves in his re-election bid next week, reports Action Andy. Voters will see the first two of four ads in a projected $2.5 million ad buy throughout the campaign.
The Corker campaign says the first two 60-second spots are intended to put a spotlight on the former Chattanooga mayor’s “path to public service, his frustration with Washington, and his determination to solve the country’s most pressing problems.”
The ads are running in advance of the Aug. 2 Republican primary. Another 30-second spot is planned later in the primary. The fourth ad, a 30-second commercial, will run in the fall general election campaign in rotation with the other ads.
In one of the two first ads, Corker, speaking directly to the camera, talks about how in the past he found “something was missing” from his life despite a successful business career. That led him to join a church mission to Haiti and eventually led him to public service.
The other ad features his wife, Elizabeth, narrating the lawmaker’s trek from construction company owner, through the mission trip, to a growing interest in public service that led to his term as Chattanooga mayor and, in 2006, election to the U.S. Senate.
She notes Corker “got elected mayor, built an entire new waterfront in 35 months. And went on to help recruit Volkswagen to our state. Says the Senate is harder. Too much party first, not enough America first.”

Note: The Corker campaign news release, with links to the two ads, is below.

News release from Sen. Bob Corker’s campaign:
NASHVILLE, TN – U. S. Sen. Bob Corker’s campaign next week will air the first ads of his re-election campaign, two 60-second spots highlighting his path to public service, his frustration with Washington, and his determination to solve the country’s most pressing problems.
The two 60-second spots will rotate in the same air time, an unusual way to present campaign messages. The first spot features Corker speaking directly to camera. The second spot features his wife, Elizabeth, narrating with still photographs of Corker’s journey from private sector construction to a mission trip to Haiti to being mayor of Chattanooga and now a U. S. Senator.
The unusual presentation organically evolved from extensive conversations with the Corkers, reflecting on Corker’s professional, philanthropic and political careers “in their own words,” leading to the decision to air both messages simultaneously.
Additional 30-second messages are planned to air as early voting begins for the primary and subsequently for the general election, rounding out the campaign’s proposed message package.
In 2006, Corker won a hard-fought primary contest followed by an equally competitive general election. Four Republicans are on this year’s primary ballot with Corker, and twelve Democrats and Independents will appear on the general election ballot.
“We want to use this election to remind the voters of Tennessee of Senator Corker’s commitment to them as a public servant and make statements about what he’s accomplished in his first term and how he will focus his energy if and when re-elected,” said Todd Womack, Corker’s chief of staff.
“We are taking nothing for granted,” Womack said. “We believe we have an effective plan to deliver the senator’s message and ask voters to support him again. Obviously, if political circumstances change, we will adjust our plan accordingly.”
Womack said the budget for the four ads is about $2.5 million. “We appreciate the generous political and financial support of thousands of Republicans, Democrats and Independents,” Womack said. “We are committed to telling Senator Corker’s story and asking for their continued confidence and support.”
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