Onlooker at Ceremonial Signing ‘Not of Good Moral Character’

When a smiling Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law a new statute governing the operation of staff leasing companies, he was surrounded by a group that included two people whose company recently was cited and fined for operating without a license, reports The Tennessean.
One of them had been described in a state document as “not of good moral character” — which may be why no one seems to want to own up to inviting them.
In a consent order signed April 9, the attorney representing Chris and Andrea Ball of Powell, Tenn., acknowledged that their firm, HR Comp LLC, had acted as an employee leasing agency without the license required by state law and that the Balls had given false responses when asked about it.
An investigation by the state Department of Commerce and Insurance found that HR Comp LLC had a staff leasing arrangement with Barden Enterprises, parent company of a Knoxville sports bar, for about 10 months ending in November 2010.
“Southside Sports Bar had three to five employees during that period,” said D. Christopher Garrett, a spokesman for the agency.
So the department imposed a $10,000 fine and issued another Ball company — but one with a strikingly similar name, HR Comp Employee Leasing — a probationary one-year license.
…”The department determined that Andrea Ball was not of good moral character because the Jan. 12, 2010, response she sent about HR Comp’s unlicensed activity was not true,” the consent order states.
The probationary license was issued after Andrea Ball admitted submitting the false statement and paid the $10,000 civil penalty.
According to Haslam’s aides, the bill on the licensing of staff leasing agencies was one of 25 signed in a series on May 29.
As for who invited the Balls, Haslam aides and state legislators on hand for the ceremony said they had no idea.

Note: The state legislators in the picture are Rep. Ryan Haynes, R-Knoxville, and Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Franklin. Johnson told the Tennessean he came to the ceremonial signing event for another bill, but then joined the staffing bill group for the picture.

2 thoughts on “Onlooker at Ceremonial Signing ‘Not of Good Moral Character’

  1. Eric Holcombe

    “As for who invited the Balls, Haslam aides and state legislators on hand for the ceremony said they had no idea.”
    Must have been the “Secret Senator”.

  2. Joe Sluthe

    They knew what they were doing. Even after they were fined by the state they continued to write staff leasing business in the sate of Tennessee and other sates which did not know they were operating in their state without being properly licensed,
    They have owed as much a $3.5 million to the IRS according to other news reports. Anyone wonder how a very small company that did not make $3.5 Million in income owe that much in taxes. Maybe they didn’t pay the payroll taxes of their clients who had many employees. This is one rumor that makes the most sense.
    Why is it that they have had so many negative posts when their name is mentioned in the news?
    How can they owe the IRS so much and paying over six figures a year to co-sponsor the Knoxville News sentimental PGA gold tour, sponsor almost every chamber of commerce in the Knoxville area, advertise in multiple locations, etc. Is this why they have gotten really close to many of the political leaders and done favors for them in the past few years? Are they buying the loyalty and service of the chamber?
    Now with the work site death of a client’s employee in Bay Area California we will see if their house of cards comes crashing down since their Tennessee corrupt partners wont be able to protect them from CA – OSHA, California IRS and other federal and state agencies.
    Soon all those who have written so many comments in response to all the news reports about this illegal and unethical company which have fallen on deaf ears of those trusted to protect its citizens from these type people will be singling Ding, Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead” referring to a CEO that has taken money from companies who knew little or nothing about their past while the State of Tennessee allowed them to continue while turning a blind eye.

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