Haslam: Criticized Muslim Will Be ‘a Great Employee’

Governor Bill Haslam has offered support for a state official whose religion has come under fire by some anti-Muslim groups, according to WTVF TV.
Samar Ali is a Tennessee-born Muslim who graduated from Vanderbilt law school and recently accepted a position as international director on the state’s Economic and Community Development department. That appointment came under fire by the The Center for Security Policy and the 8th District Tea Party Coalition, groups who also opposed the mosque in Murfreesboro.
When asked about his stance on the issue, Haslam said that freedom of religion is guaranteed in our country, and that he looked forward to working with Ms. Ali.
“Samar is a highly qualified person, who has taken a role with our Economic Development Department . She comes with a great track record and a lot of experience and we think she’ll be a great employee for the state of Tennessee,” said Haslam.

One thought on “Haslam: Criticized Muslim Will Be ‘a Great Employee’

  1. Charles

    Just what do we, the citizens of Tennessee know about her? Since we are going to be paying her salary,and she is a public official, I feel we are entitled to know her background and where she stands on the so called “sharia law”. Where does she stand on her allegiance? And was there not anyone else qualified for the job?

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