On Debra Maggart vs. Courtney Rogers in House District 45

For the first time since she won a seven-candidate race in 2004, House Republican Caucus Chairman Debra Maggart is facing a primary challenge in House District 45. The Tennessean takes a look at the contest:
Maggart’s Republican challenger is not only her first in eight years, but also has picked up several endorsements from conservatives who feel the incumbent hasn’t been conservative enough. The early race, Maggart said, is nothing she can’t handle.
“Campaigning is really one of my favorite things to do,” she said. “I love getting out and talking to people. I love door-knocking and that kind of thing. That’s one of the reasons I’m the caucus leader.”
That leadership position, one she was chosen for in 2010, probably had something to do with pitting the Hendersonville native against Courtney Rogers, a Goodlettsville resident, retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and former president of Sumner United for Responsible Government, a local tea party group.
“As leaders, sometimes those things happen,” Maggart said. “You get lots of things sometimes that maybe are not your fault.”
…Once a career military officer, Rogers started speaking at local, state and national events around the time the tea party movement started. Despite that, she doesn’t think her campaign is linked to the tea party or any conservative movement, instead saying she represents a larger, silent majority of Americans. She also wants to run an engaged campaign with voters that could help her be more responsive once in office. Rogers said the community feels detached from the incumbent.
“Every position is not an entitlement. Every two years, it’s an open seat anyone could run for,” she said. “The bottom line is that power comes from the bottom and goes up. It comes from us.”
This grassroots orientation expands to Rogers’ takes on policy, she said, including her call for direct elections of state judges, a more localized education system and supporting personal rights over property rights — as she did in supporting the guns-in-trunks bill.
Rogers said she was encouraged to run by Sumner County residents and also gained the support of state Sen. Kerry Roberts and local talk show host Steve Gill in the process. While she repeatedly touts the amount of people supporting her, she doesn’t have the funds her opponent does. A check of campaign records, last updated in April, showed Rogers had $3,600 in her campaign account while Maggart had more than $86,000. So she’ll need all the grassroots help she can get.

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  1. Mary Cassell

    I would love to display a yard sign for Courtney Rogers in my front yard. I have tryed to go to her website but it lets me put in my info but never processes it it just says “one moment please”
    can someone pass the on to her supporters.
    Mary Cassell
    3114 Tyree Springs Rd
    Hendersonville, Tn. 37075
    (615) 447-5219

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