A Poor SCORE on Meeting Deadlines?

The education reform group charged with grading the state’s new teacher evaluation process is turning in its homework late, according to TNReport. No, the dog didn’t eat their research paper.
But the State Collaborative on Reforming Education, SCORE, wanted to take a more time collecting data, officials said.
“Frankly, it’s that we had some additional inputs from people across the state over the last few weeks,” said David Mansouri, SCORE’s spokesman. “We feel like this is a really important document, and we wanted to make sure all those inputs were included.”
The report was originally due out June 1, but Mansouri and the governor’s administration say to expect it June 11.
The report is the result of feedback from some 27,000 educators, parents and experts from the business community along with state and national education groups through online questionnaires, roundtable discussions and sit-down interviews, said Mansouri.
The results of the study touch the future of job evaluations for some 64,000 teachers and thousands of principals and education staff as state officials expect the report will drive revisions to the system going into the 2012-13 school year.

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