Some Tennessee History News Notes

Old Newspapers to Be Displayed
This fall, a time and date to be determined, the Walter T. and Julia Pulliam Historic Newspaper Collection will be dedicated and put on exhibit in ceremonies at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate.
The Pulliam archives include about 900 newspapers assembled in a half-century or more of hunting down not only rare national and world newspapers, but also editions that illustrate daily snapshots of life in various East Tennessee communities. Some of the more important newspapers date to as far back as the 1600s.

Fred Brown’s story is a recommended read for Tennessee history buffs, not only for notes on the historic newspapers but for the recounting of Walter Pulliam’s personal history as a reporter and small town Tennessee newspaper editor.
Historical Misinformation About Murfreesboro?
William Lytle, an early Rutherford County landowner, figures prominently in most accounts of the founding of Murfreesboro. Much of what is said, however, is incorrect. A Murfreesboro Daily News Journal column breaks it down.
Bill Carey History Columns Now Online
Bill Carey, a former Tennessean reporter and Metro Pulse editor who runs Tennessee History for Kids, has set up links to his Tennessee history columns in Tennessee magazine (an electric cooperative publication that isn’t available online). You’ll find the listing HERE.

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