Harold Ford Jr. Still Showing a Conservative Streak

While Bob Corker prepares for a ho-hum reelection (recent post HERE), the man he narrowly defeated back in 2006, Harold Ford Jr., is doing his thing and still showing a conservative political streak up in New York…. and Jackson Baker has an update on Ford six years later.
Even during his 2006 Senate run, Ford was at pains to distance himself from Democratic orthodoxy, vowing, during the opening of his Memphis campaign headquarters that year, “I’m not a Democrat … running up to Washington yelling, ‘Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.’ Somebody’s going to go, and I know I make some Democrats upset at times, because I’m just a believer if it works, you have to support it.”
As a congressman, Ford supported President Bush’s policies in Iraq more vigorously than most of his party mates. Inter alia, he voted for the Bankruptcy Act of 2005, which imposed new restrictions on debtors, sided with the Republicans on the Terri Schiavo case, voted for some restrictions on abortion, and advocated drilling for oil in the Arctic wilderness.
On the stump in Tennessee in 2006, Ford opposed same-sex marriage, and, when he attempted to jump-start a Senate candidacy in New York in 2010, that position came back to haunt him. He was basically booed off the stage when he attempted to address a group of gays in New York City. By last year, he had amended his position on the issue and became the spokesperson for a marriage-equality campaign in a TV ad — a possible indication, along with his 2010 memoir, More Davids than Goliaths: A Political Education, that he still intends an active electoral career.

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