A Comment on Comments (and spam)

In recent weeks, spam comments have been posted on the blog – mostly on posts that are months old; even years old in several cases – by the hundreds. This flood led, first, to changing some settings so that, as I understand things, it also had the effect of making more difficult, if not impossible, the posting of comments by regular folks.
Then, regretfully, it led last week to a full blocking of all comments. That ended today.
Instead, starting now, comments should be easy to file, but they won’t post until I click on each one. Things are set up so that I get an email each time a comment is posted.
With the spammers, I had to go through and delete each one because they were already on the blog. On a heavy spammer day, I would occasionally spend the better part of an hour deleting spam comments.
With this new setup, a comment won’t be posted until I click to designate it as non-spam. In other words, it’s the reverse of before. I have to click on the valid comments; do nothing on the spam.
I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience at your end. Your comments are very welcome, adding perspective and liveliness to posting that otherwise, I confess, may be a bit on the bland side.
Note: If you want to see what spam comments look like, a couple of recent ones are posted below.

Comment has been posted on your blog Humphrey on the Hill, for
entry #166523 (TNDP: Haslam Pay Raises Send Wrong Message).

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Commenter name: akedzior

A new comment has been posted on your blog Humphrey on the Hill, on entry
#167187 (School Voucher Bill Shelved for the Year in House Sub).
Nije onemogu?eno ?askanje ve? mora prvo da pro?e prgleed
administratora da nam se nebi pojavila ogromna koli?ina spama u
komentarima.Ina?e ovde nije ?askanje ali ukoliko ?eli? da
ostavi? neki komentar u vezi ?lanaka koji se nalaze na sajtu
mozilla-srbija.org zajednice slobodno,ali ?e se pojaviti tek kad neko
od administratora odobri po?to se uverimo da nije u pitanju
spam.Pozdrav od Saleta koordinatora Mozilla zajednice srbije.P.S.
ukoliko ?eli? da ?aska? sa nama pridru?i nam se na forum: ili
na irc mre?i irc.mozilla.orgzatim u?e? u sobu #mozilla.sr
Commenter name: KIm

A new comment has been posted on your blog Humphrey on the Hill, on entry
#172160 (Mapmaker’s Alert (wonder if legislators are eligible)).
The cancer destroying capacities of Dr Cham’s Curaderm-BEC5 has been
well documented by medical journals worldwide. Curaderm BEC5 has an
excellent and successful history in humans and the results are
consistent that Curaderm and its active ingredient, BEC, when used
according to the manufacturer instructions is completely safe.
Commenter name: BEC5
(That last one appeared about 30 times as a comment on 30 different blog posts.)

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