Bills Signed by Governor, 5/16/12

Here is a new list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by the governor’s office today:
Senate Bill No. 1180 (Gresham, Summerville)
This bill requires the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to create and submit the “Tennessee Postsecondary Education Fact Book” which shall be an annual report on the condition of Tennessee higher education submitted to the Governor and the General Assembly
(Passed Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 93-0)
Senate Bill No. 2225 (Norris, Watson)
This Administration Bill for the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities states that the DIDD has jurisdiction and control over the intellectual and developmental disability facilities of the state, regardless of the names by which the facilities are known.
(Passed Senate as Amended 31-0; Amended Bill Passed House 96-0)
Senate Bill No. 2604 (Beavers, Roberts)
This bill states that if a person is not lawfully present in the United States and causes a traffic accident that results in either the death or serious bodily injury of a person while driving without a valid driver license and evidence of financial responsibility, the court may deem the defendant a flight risk when determining the amount of his bail.
(Passed Senate as Amended 26-2; Amended Bill Passed House 84-10)

Senate Bill No. 2693 (Hayes, Barnes)
This bill simply codifies in the law that a director of schools and the board of education are expressly forbidden to use abolition of a position as a method of avoiding dismissal charges against a teacher and the accompanying due process rights attached to the status of tenure.
(Passed Senate as Amended 28-2; Amended Bill Passed House 95-2)
Senate Bill No. 2701 (Bell)
This bill entitles a claimant to a refund of the state and local sales and use tax paid by the claimant to retailers as a result of the claimant’s purchases of major appliances, residential furniture, or residential building supplies that are used in the claimant’s primary residence to replace, repair, or restore items that were damaged or destroyed in a federally declared natural disaster in this state occurring on or after January 1, 2012.
(Passed Senate as Amended 30-0; Amended Bill Passed House 97-0)
Senate Bill No. 2866 (Berke)
This bill states that the Commissioner of Education shall include in its annual report a list of advance placement (AP) courses offered in each LEA and a list of the AP courses offered in each of the LEA’s schools that serve grades in which AP courses could be taken.
(Passed Senate as Amended 31-1; Amended Bill Passed House 94-0)
Senate Bill No. 2890 (Kelsey, Ford)
This bill makes it a Class A misdemeanor for any person to knowingly file any lien or other document with the intent to encumber any real or personal property when such person has no reasonable basis or any legal cause to place such lien or encumbrance on such real or personal property.
(Passed Senate as Amended 24-0, present not voting-4; Amended Bill Passed House 97-0)
Senate Bill No. 2957 (Barnes)
This bill states that the training that a person receives to be a guardian ad litem shall include training in early childhood, child, and adolescent development.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed 97-0)
Senate Bill No. 2958 (Barnes)
This bill amends current law regarding the petition that is filed in juvenile court cases.
(Passed Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 95-1)
Senate Bill No. 2967 (Tracy)
This bill requires local boards of educations to approve budgets for the operation of county schools after the county legislative body’s approval in accordance with Local Option Budgeting Law of 1993.
(Passed Senate 31-0; Passed House 92-0, present not voting-2)
Senate Bill No. 3187 (Bell)
This bill authorizes the Department of Environment and Conservation to establish a program under which municipal separate storm sewer systems may become qualified local programs, allowing for the streamlining of permits for construction activity as provided in this bill.
(Passed Senate as Amended 27-0; Amended Bill Passed House 95-0; present not voting-1)
Senate Bill No. 3341 (Ketron)
This Bill prohibits a teacher from teaching a course in which an end of course examination is required for students to satisfy graduation requirements unless the teacher has a license that carries a specific endorsement for the subject area of the course or the teacher has passed a standardized or criterion-reference test for the content area.
(Passed House 76-15, present not voting-3; Passed Senate 25-0)
Senate Bill No. 3553 (Tracy)
This Bill states that preference for charter school applications with a focus on serving students who are a part of failing schools or are who have failed a proficiency test in the past will not reduce the score of applications that demonstrate other strengths or focuses.
(Passed House 91-3, present not voting-2; Passed Senate 31-0)
Senate Bill No. 3567 (Marrero)
This Bill requires the “Animal Friendly” specialty earmarked license plate bear the legend “Spay/Neuter” after existing stock of animal friendly plates has been exhausted.
(Passed House 96-0, present not voting-1; Passed Senate 28-0, present not voting-2)
Senate Bill No. 3649 (Tracy)
This Bill requires members of local and regional planning commissions to file conflict of interest disclosure of forms to the Tennessee ethics commission.
(Passed House 88-2, present not voting-1; Passed Senate 33-0)
Senate Bill No. 3808 (Roberts)
This Bill enacts the “Financial Management Modernization System of the County of Sumner, Tennessee of 2012” and creates a 7-member 2012 Finance Committee, which has the duty of adopting policies, procedures and regulations for the initial implementation of the act.
(Passed House 93-2; Passed Senate 30-0)
House Bill No. 2278 (Floyd)
This Bill establishes the statute of limitations for the prosecution of certain offenses including producing, importing, preparing, distributing, processing or appearing in obscene material or exhibition, sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, and especially aggravated exploitation of a minor committed against a child after July 1, 2012.
(Passed House 96-0, present not voting-1; Passed Senate 30-0)
House Bill No. 3835 (Sargent)
This Bill is the 2012 Appropriations Bill
(Conference committee report passed House 63-27, present not voting-1; Conference committee report passed Senate 31-2)
House Bill No. 3836 (Sargent)
This Bill is the 2012 Bond Authorization Act, which is part of the Budget.
(Passed House 82-11; Passed Senate 31-0)
House Bill No. 3839 (Sargent)
This Bill is the 2012 Budget Reconciliation Act, which is part of the Budget.
(Passed House 69-26; Amended Bill passed Senate 33-0; House nonconcurred; Senate refused to recede from amendments; House refused to recede from nonconcurrence; Conference committee report adopted by House 79-12; conference committee report adopted by Senate 33-0)
House Bill No. 3837 (Sargent)
This Bill is the 2011-2012 Constitutional Spending Limit, which is part of the Budget.
(Passed House 80-13, present not voting-1; Passed Senate 29-3)
House Bill No. 2383 (McCormick)
This Bill is the 2012 Supplemental Appropriations for TennCare, which is part of the Budget.
(Passed House 95-0; Passed Senate 32-0)

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