Mayfield Praises Fleischmann’s Conservative Voting Record

Scottie Mayfield praised U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s voting record Monday, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
“I haven’t studied his votes enough to tell you that I would vote significantly different,” Mayfield told the Hamilton County Pachyderm Club. “He has voted conservative, and I praise him for that.”
…Scheduled weeks in advance, Mayfield’s appearance found the Athens, Tenn., dairy executive battling perceptions that he refuses to debate, lacks legislative goals and agrees with Fleischmann on every critical matter facing Congress — ideas he never refuted during 25 minutes of remarks.
Mayfield said he isn’t sure what Fleischmann has done “as far as stimulating things.” He said his 40-year dairy career gave him the expertise needed to create jobs and boost small business.
As evidence, he drew from personal experience and said the number of federal and state agencies that regulate Mayfield Dairy Farms “is well into the double digits.” Later he said the federal tax code has “3.8 billion words in it” and needs to be “flatter, fairer, simpler and lower” without offering specifics.
Clenching a microphone with both hands, Mayfield read from a prepared script and received no applause until he finished speaking. The event attracted some Bhalla and Wamp supporters, along with a swath of Fleischmann donors.
Several said Mayfield failed to explain why he was the only Republican candidate to decline invitations to two debates, including a May 21 forum sponsored by the Chattanooga Times Free Press and WRCB-TV Channel 3.
During the speech, Mayfield said intraparty debates encourage “beating each other up over the same issues that we generally agree with,” citing the presidential primary process as an example.
“It doesn’t do our party good,” he said.

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