Lugar’s Loss Could Be Corker’s Gain

A fellow Republican’s loss could turn into Sen. Bob Corker’s gain, reports WPLN.
After 36 years in Washington, Indiana Senator Richard Lugar was sent packing this week, which opens up the top GOP slot on the Foreign Relations Committee. Corker is next in line according to the committee’s seniority system, but his ascension is not a done deal.
Tennessee’s junior senator may face a quandary: he also has a chance of being named the top Republican on the Banking Committee, where he’s been active on financial issues. Corker refuses to speculate but says he plans to continue on both.
“Most human being have the ability to do more than one thing, so I certainly, regardless of what may or may not happen down the road, will absolutely continue to be a voice regarding our out of control spending here.”
Foreign policy analysts suggest Republican senators may pass over Corker because he’s viewed as too isolationist by some. But if he gets the gavel, Corker has a few ideas for reform in mind.

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