Invoking Anatomy in Call for Veto of ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’ Bill

It is far too polite, not to mention naive, to say members of the Tennessee General Assembly have their heads in the sand when it comes to sexual activity among teenagers, says Sam Venable in a column.
Instead, I would suggest these esteemed solons have placed their heads deeply inside a private sector of their own respective anatomies. I shan’t specify the exact orifice by its common name for two reasons.
First, in a family newspaper, the word “ass” typically is restricted to archaic names for beasts of burden. Second, I’m afraid that mentioning this or any other private region in the context of Tennessee lawmaking will cause a new round of sweaty palIpitations to break out — like what occurred a few days ago as the state House debated the legal definition of “intimate parts.”
Emerging from this babbling nonsense was a bill approved by both chambers and sent to Gov. Bill Haslam. No word yet on what Hizzoner will do.
If he has any common sense — and two certain body parts of his own, if you catch my drift — the governor will veto this measure.

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