Bills Signed by Governor, 5/1/12




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Here’s the latest list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by his communications office:

House Bill No. 3874 (Swann)

This bill
creates the Smoky Mt. Tourism Board, composed of 10 directors, for Blount
County, Alcoa and Maryville and allocates a portion of the Blount County
occupancy tax to the Board.

Passed House
88-1, present not voting-3 ; Passed Senate 28-0


House Bill No. 3175 (Shipley)

This bill
defines a controlled substance analogue as a pill or other substance that has
the stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic effect on the central nervous
system of a controlled substance and the chemical structure which is a derivative
of a controlled substance.

Passed House
as Amended 94-0; Amended Bill Passed Senate 33-0

 Senate Bill No. 1429 (Woodson)

This bill
removes the authority of the education commission to remove a local school
board member who fails to attend the annual training as prescribed by the State
Board of Education.

Passed House
93-0; Passed Senate 31-0


Senate Bill No. 1864 (Overbey, Burks,

This bill
amends current law regarding pawnbrokers and their record of transactions.

Senate as amended 33-0; Amended Bill passed House 99-0


Senate Bill No. 2241 (Norris)

This Administration
bill redefines “evidence-based” for the purpose of evaluating in-home
visitation programs to require scientific research on in-home visits to be
evaluated using either randomized controlled research designs or
quasi-experimental research designs with equivalent comparison groups.

Passed House
93-0, present not voting-2; Passed Senate 30-0


Senate Bill No. 2274 ( Tracy)

This bill
extends the time for the American Red Cross to meet the minimum order
requirements for the new specialty earmarked plate for an additional year.

Passed House
95-0; Passed Senate 32-0


Senate Bill No. 2462 (Bell)

This bill
extends the Department of Human Services to June 30, 2014.

Passed House
94-1; Passed Senate 31-0


Senate Bill No.2463 (Bell, Faulk)

This bill
extends all permanent rules filed in the Secretary of State’s Office after
January 1, 2011, which are scheduled to expire on June 30, 2012.

Senate 33-0; Passed House 99-0




Senate Bill No. 2587 (Yager)

This bill
redefines pain management clinic in Tennessee law.

 Passed House 92-1; Passed Senate 31-0


Senate bill No. 2596 (Ketron)

This bill
first states that filing provisions in current law related to insurance do not
apply to a commercial risk policy issued by and insurer of commercial risk
insurance to an exempt commercial risk policyholder.

Senate as Amended 29-0; Amended bill Passed House 97-1


Senate Bill No. 2755 (Southerland)

This bill
authorizes the issuance of a specialty earmarked license plate for brain injury

Passed House
97-0; Passed Senate 32-0


Senate Bill No. 2852 (Yager)

This bill
adds rowing to the list of activities that constitute adventure tourism.

Passed House
95-0; Passed Senate 26-4, present not voting -1






Senate Bill No. 2879 (Southerland)

This bill
makes it a Class A misdemeanor to knowingly transport or release into the wild,
or cause to be transported into or within the State, live wild-appearing swine
that do not have documentation approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Passed House
91-2; Passed Senate 31-0


Senate Bill No.2970 (Tracy, Burks,
Ford, Marrero)

This bill
requires the county technical assistance service (CTAS) for counties to conduct
a study of the salaries of county librarians in this state and compile the
results of the study.

Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 93-1, present not voting -1


Senate Bill No. 3062 (Barnes)

This bill
authorizes a specialty license plate for the Teamsters.

Passed House
64-10, present not voting-3; Passed Senate 29-0


Senate Bill No. 3164 (Faulk)

Current law
allows a municipality to expand its urban growth boundaries to include any
tract of land that is ten (10) acres or smaller under certain conditions.

Senate 32-0; Passed House 98-0



Senate Bill No. 3179 (Bell,
Southerland, Ketron, Overbey, Yager)

This bill provides
general immunity from civil liability to persons who operate whitewater rafting
operations for an injury to, or the death of, a participant resulting from the
inherent risks of whitewater activities, such as water, rocks, cold and
negligence on the part of the participant.

Senate 25-7; Passed House as Amended 65-26, present not voting-2; Senate
Concurred in House Amendment 22-9


Senate Bill No. 3257 (Ford, Marrero)

specific pilot counties, this bill requires the Department of Human Services
and the juvenile court or the district attorney general to undertake a public
awareness campaign to periodically inform and remind teens about the
requirement to pay child support.

Senate 29-0; Passed House 99-0


Senate Bill No. 3549 (Crowe)

This bill
authorizes the air pollution control board to give the TDEC Commissioner
authority to grant variances for certain open burnings and emissions testing

Senate 32-0; Passed House 95-0





Senate Bill No. 3602 (Haynes)

This bill
defines “traffic or police officer” as an officer authorized to direct or
regulate traffic or make arrests for traffic violations or a retired officer
who meets cert qualifications.

Passed House
92-0; Passed Senate 32-0


Senate Bill No. 3608 (Haynes,

This bill
classifies consumer specific energy usage data, except for aggregate  monthly billing information, as a private

Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 94-1


Senate Bill No. 3801 (McNally)

This bill
reapportions, after the 2010 census, the Monroe County school districts.

Senate 32-0; Passed House 99-0


Senate Bill No .3803 (Mr. Speaker

This bill
repeals the road commission of Johnson County.

Senate 31-0; Passed House 99-0


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