AP List of Key Bills Approved in 2012 Legislature

By the Associated Press
Here is a list of some of the legislation that has been approved by the Legislature this year:
ABORTION DOCTORS: Requires physicians to have hospital privileges in the home or adjacent county of woman seeking abortion. HB3808.
AMAZON SALES TAX: Requires Amazon.com to begin collecting Tennessee sales taxes in 2014. HB2370.
BATH SALTS: Makes it a felony to sell synthetic drugs known as bath salts. HB2286.
BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS: Allows governor to appoint heads of boards, including Tennessee Higher Education Commission. HB2387.
CASH GRANTS: Creates more ways for state to give cash grants to companies investing in Tennessee. HB2344.

CHARTER SCHOOL TRANSPARENCY: Requires charter schools to operate under state open meetings laws. HB3539.
CHARTER SCHOOLS FOREIGNERS: Limits number of foreign workers allowed to be employed at charter schools. SB3345.
CIVIL SERVICE: Revises state civil service laws to make it easier to hire and fire state employees. SB2246.
CORRECTIONS TRANSFER: Merges the Board of Probations and Parole into the Department of Correction. HB2386.
DOMESTIC ABUSE: Requires mandatory jail time for repeat domestic abuse convictions. SB2251.
DUI BLOOD TESTS: Allows judges to compel blood tests from people arrested on drunken driving charges. HB2752.
DUI MINORS: Increases penalties for drunken driving when child under 18 is in car. HB2751.
EMBRYO ASSAULT: Includes embryo as victim in assaults on pregnant women. SB3412.
ETHICS DISCLOSURES: Requires local and regional planning commissioner to submit state ethics disclosures. HB3697.
FOOD TAX: Reduces the state sales tax on groceries from 5.5 percent to 5.25 percent. HB3761.
FOSTER CARE: Extends foster care services to young adults transitioning out of the program. SB2199.
GANG BILL: Increases penalties for violent crimes committed by three or more people. SB2252.
GATEWAY SEXUAL ACTIVITY: Prohibits teachers from promoting or condoning “gateway sexual activity.” HB3621.
GIFT TAX: Repeals Tennessee’s tax on gifts to relatives worth more than $10,000. HB2840.
HASLAM BUDGET: Enacts Tennessee’s more than $31 billion annual spending plan. HB3835.
IMMIGRATION CHECK: Requires state agencies to verify immigration status before approving public benefits. SB1325.
INCOME TAX: Proposed constitutional amendment to ban a state income tax in Tennessee. SJR0221.
INHERITANCE TAX: Begins phase-out of Tennessee’s inheritance tax. HB3760.
JUDICIAL DISCIPLINE: Creates new panel for disciplining judges. SB2671.
KINDERGARTEN ELIGIBILITY: Moves up the cutoff date for kindergarten eligibility. HB2566.
MENTAL HEALTH-NAME CHANGE: Adds the words Substance Abuse Services to the name of the state Department of Mental Health. SB2229.
MILITARY SPOUSES-UNEMPLOYMENT: Provides unemployment benefits for military spouses. SB0884.
MONOXIDE MONITOR-RV: Requires working carbon monoxide detectors in leased recreational vehicles. HB234.
MOVE ON WHEN READY: Exempts Williamson County from early graduation program for high-performing students. HB2235.
OCCUPY NASHVILLE: Bans unauthorized camping on Legislative Plaza. HB2638.
PARENTAL EVALUATION: Creates pilot program for parental self-evaluations. SB2893.
PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Encourages school districts to develop parental involvement contracts. HB2994.
REMOTE MEETINGS: Allows school board members to participate in meetings remotely. SB2723.
ROLL YOUR OWN CIGARETTES: Requires roll-your-own tobacco retailers to charge cigarette tax. SB1738.
SAGGY PANTS: Prohibits students from wearing saggy pants or other indecent clothing on school grounds. HB3679.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Allows parents to keep their children from joining extracurricular groups at school. HB2548.
SCHOOL PRAYER: Allows school personnel to participate in student-initiated religious activities. HB3266.
SCHOOL SAFETY: Gives teachers more authority to act against students who pose a safety risk. SB3116.
SECRET APPLICATIONS: Makes application pool to lead state colleges and universities secret, except for three finalists. HB3705.
SELECTING JUDGES-CONFIRMATION: Proposed constitutional amendment to allow Legislature to reject gubernatorial appointments to Supreme Court. SJR0710.
STATE EVERGREEN: Names the eastern red cedar as Tennessee’s official evergreen tree. SB2362.
STUDENT LOANS-DEFAULT: Penalizes teachers and lobbyists for defaulting on student loans. HB0740.
TATTOO LEGISLATION: Increases the penalty for tattooing a minor. HB2198.
TEACHER EVALUATION DATA: Blocks public, parents from viewing teacher evaluation data. SB1447.
TEACHING EVOLUTION: Grants legal protections for teachers who allow students to question theory of evolution. SB0893.
TEN COMMANDMENTS: Allows public buildings to display “historically significant documents,” such as Ten Commandments. HB2658.
TRA OVERHAUL: Overhauls the Tennessee Regulatory Authority with a part-time board. HB2385.
UNITED NATIONS-GOP: Recognizes the “insidious nature” of the United Nations ‘ Agenda 21 on sustainable development. HJR0587.
WELFARE DRUG TESTING: Creates a suspicion-based drug testing for welfare recipients. SB2580.
WILD APPEARING SWINE: Makes it a crime to release wild-appearing swine without proper documentation. SB2879.

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