House Democrats Win Amendment Fight on Health Care Compact

House Democrats today succeeded in attaching several amendments to a bill that lays the groundwork for Tennessee taking over federal health care programs, throwing a cloud over whether the proposal can win final approval in a frantic push to adjourn the 107th General Assembly.
The first successful Democrat-sponsored amendment declares that Tennessee will not participate in the Health Care Compact, “if participation includes expanding abortion rights, especially late term abortion.”
Republican Rep. Mark Pody of Lebanon tried to table, or kill, that proposal – as he had successfully done with earlier Democrat amendments. But only 35 representatives backed him, so the effort failed. The amendment was then adopted.
From there, Democrat-sponsored amendments were approved to declare veterans health care benefits could not be impacted by the Health Care Compact; that senior citizens and the disabled would be “held harmless” by any compact actions; and that nothing in the compact should be seen as supporting “any United Nations health plans.”
And, finally, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner proposed that the line in the bill (SB326) declaring Tennessee “shall” become a member of the Health Care Compact be changed to “may” become a member. That, of course, would appear to negate the entire bill. But that amendment, too, was approved.
The measure now returns to the Senate for concurrence -or non-concurrence – on the amendments.
Legislators are again trying to wrap up the 107th General Assembly today.

One thought on “House Democrats Win Amendment Fight on Health Care Compact

  1. J.Shelton

    This comes as a surprise. I am against any abortion except to save the life of the mother and to see a Republican attempt to stop an amendment stopping expansion of so called abortion “rights” to me is appalling. Where are the rights of the child? It’s murder plain and simple murder and you who refuse to stop it or at least try are complicit and what do you think GOD will do to you? What if it’s your child/grandchild ?

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