In Protest of ‘Creationism’ and ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’ Bills

In a New York Times opinion piece, Amy Greene sees a violation of Tennessee religious traditions in the “gateway sexual activity” bill and the measure she calls “the creationism bill.”
A lot has changed in Tennessee since frontier times, but our feelings about religion remain strong. I know our hearts are in the debates we have over whether biblical theories should be discussed in public schools, whichever side we come down on. But I’m not sure the politicians’ are.
They claim their goal is to better our education system, and to give us more freedom of religious thought in the bargain. But it seems to me they’re taking away the individualist liberties we’ve always prized and giving us more government regulation instead.
I fear that these bills, written to give us what they think we want, will have the opposite effect. By legislating our Christianity, what they’re really doing is taking it away from us.

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