Bill on ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’ Clears House

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The House has passed a bill to allow parents to sue teachers or outside groups for promoting or condoning “gateway sexual activity” by students.
The chamber voted 68-23 in favor of the bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Jim Gotto of Nashville on Friday.
Several Democrats argued that the bill’s definition of “gateway sexual activity” was too vague and could cause teachers to be disciplined for not breaking up students hugging or kissing during a high school dance.
Democratic Rep. John Deberry of Memphis came to the well of the chamber to make an impassioned defense of the bill and to condemn opponents of being arrogant and “in denial” about efforts to change the behavior that leads to teen pregnancy.
At least one Democrat had angry words for Deberry afterward.

Note: The bill, SB3310, now goes to the governor. It passed the Senate 28-1 earlier. In the House, seven Democrats voted for it and one Republican (Rep. Julia Hurley) voted no, according to the legislative website. The sole Senate no came from Sen. Beverly Marrero of Memphis.(

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