Basil Marceaux Goes to Jail

Tennessee state House candidate Basil Marceaux Sr. will spend the next 10 days at the Hamilton County workhouse facility after deriding a judge during a court appearance, reports the Chattanooga TFP.
Marceaux was in Criminal Court Judge Rebecca Stern’s courtroom Monday on charges of failure to maintain lane and not having insurance, both of which were filed Jan. 6, according to court records.
While standing before Stern, Marceaux became disorderly, according to the court order.
“The defendant’s conduct included a verbal display of disagreement with the court’s ruling, telling the court that was ‘out of order’ and that when the defendant wins an election the court ‘is going down,'” Stern’s order states.
Stern sentenced Marceaux to 10 days of work at Hamilton County’s Silverdale Correctional Facility. He cannot bond out.
Marceaux — who has been on the ballot for governor, state senate and Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District in recent years — is currently running for the District 27 seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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