Casada Predicts Up to 72 Republicans in TN House, 26 in Senate

If Tennessee voters are as dissatisfied with President Barack Obama as Republicans say they are, a state that was already “red” could make the General Assembly even redder this fall, a shift accelerated by legislative redistricting, reports Chas Sisk.
Rep. Glen Casada, a Williamson County Republican, said the GOP, which now controls 64 of the 99 House seats, should have 69 to 72 in the next two-year legislative session. The party could wind up with 23 to 26 of the 33 seats in the Senate, where it now controls 20, Casada said.
“People just tend to start at the top, and if you start with (likely presidential nominee) Mitt Romney, Marsha Blackburn or any of the Republican congressman, all of a sudden you get stuck on that side of the ballot,” he said. “The down-ballot effect is tremendous. That is the biggest thing that’s working for us: President Obama and the anti-president attitude.”
Asked if Romney, who has struggled to connect with voters in most of the South, would have trouble bringing out voters, Casada said he wasn’t worried.
“The strongest emotion is not ‘I’m for someone.’ The strongest emotion is ‘I’m against someone.’ “

Sen. Stacey Campfield, meanwhile, predicts a minimum four-seat gain for Republicans in the Senate, or going to 23 seats with 21 being two-thirds.
Some light polling of people on the hill puts the average estimation number at at least 4 new Republican seats at an absolute minimum. Things could shift and go a little higher (6 was the high number I heard) but four are expected gimmes. Up high on most peoples list as expected wins are…. The seat formerly held by Andy Berkes in the Chattanooga area. The new district in lower mid west Tennessee is expected to be picked up by Rep. Joey Hensley. And Mark Green over Tim Barnes in the outer Nashville area. Green is WAYYYY out front in fundraising, is an excellent candidate (Military vet, Doctor, Published author, Was in on the capture of Saddam Hussein and even interviewed him after capture) and is working hard.

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