A ‘Youtube Gotcha’ for Scottie Mayfield?

From a Chattanooga Times editorial:
Scottie Mayfield, one of several GOP candidates trying to oust incumbent Rep. Chuck Fleischmann in the Republican primary, got a full dose of the Youtube gotcha’ treatment Wednesday when he was filmed stumbling for an answer to the basic question he was asked by one of the college students to whom he was speaking. What would be the “top two or three things … (he) specifically would want to accomplish in Washington?”
“Well,” he said, closing up his briefcase as he ended his opening remarks to the College Republicans at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, “I talked to some guys today about that and, uhh, I mean other than the tax code thing, I don’t have any specifics at this point because…”
Because, he rambled on, “it really depends a great deal on the committees on which you get on, and until you know what you’re on, I can tell you what I’m going to do, but if I don’t get on the committee that can do any of those things, I probably will not.”
And so on. So much for fire in the belly..

The video in question is HERE.

The editorial follows up on an earlier story by the Chattanooga TFP that yours truly had missed in my haphazard efforts to keep up with other political goings-on while the legislature is in session. An excerpt:

Mayfield consultant Tommy Hopper defended the candidate’s answers.
“Scottie’s not a lawyer or a politician,” he said. “You won’t find our campaign posting videos of the other candidates on YouTube, or other silly and childish attempts to diminish the other guys.”
Tyler Threadgill, a campaign spokesman for Fleischmann, said none of the congressman’s supporters attended the meeting.
“I saw the video,” he said, “and I think it speaks for itself.”
But Weston Wamp, the son of former U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp who also is challenging Fleischmann in the primary, would not rule out whether one of his supporters videotaped the event.
A 2009 UT graduate, Wamp said he knows “about half those guys” in the school’s College Republicans club. His younger sister, Coty, attends UT law school.
In an interview, Tyler King, president of UT’s College Republicans, said he didn’t see anyone taping at the meeting, but he noticed Coty Wamp was present.
King said Coty Wamp almost never goes to club meetings, adding that she last attended when Weston Wamp spoke about two months ago.

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