DesJarlais Fires at Stewart on Campaign Finance; Stewart Fires Back

News release from DesJarlais campaign:
Jasper, Tenn. – While Eric Stewart touts that he is fiscally responsible, the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance says he failed to report contributions received, overstated his contributions that were reported and failed to properly maintain campaign records or follow campaign finance statutes.
Findings one through three in an audit conducted of Eric Stewart’s campaign finance activities paint the picture of a candidate who didn’t report all the contributions that he received and then exaggerated what he actually reported. Moreover, Eric Stewart kept campaign contributions records so poorly that authorities conducting the audit could not determine if he was in compliance with campaign finance statutes.
“While liberal Democrat Eric Stewart is trying to mislead voters into thinking he is a deficit hawk, reality clearly shows that he is irresponsible and sloppy when he manages even small budgets under his direct control. It’s hard to imagine having someone represent the Fourth District on federal budgetary issues in Washington who lacks the ability to balance their own bank account,” said Brandon Lewis, campaign manager for Congressman DesJarlais.
Response from Stewart campaign:
In response to the press release sent out by Congressman Scott Desjarlais today, state Sen. Eric Stewart issued the following statement:
“With regards to our campaign disclosures from over 3 years ago, our campaign made some mistakes. I took responsibility for them, worked with the registry and made the appropriate corrections.
But now it’s time for Congressman DesJarlais to take responsibility for his actions and start standing up for working families in Tennessee. This is just another example of how Congressman DesJarlais is out of touch with his constituents. I guess you could say it’s another day and another hypocrisy from Congressman DesJarlais. At a time when folks are still struggling to get back on their feet and small businesses are worried about how they are going to make payroll, DesJarlais is trying to distract voters from recent news that he spent over $250,000 of taxpayer money to help his reelection campaign, that he took political contributions in return for letters of support for federal funding, that he voted to raise taxes on hard working Tennesseans on average of $750 per family and that he voted to end Medicare as we know it. Congressman DesJarlais must be feeling the heat by trying to divert the focus so soon. Of course, if I had his record of voting against hard working families in my district….I would want to talk about something else too.”

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