Future TN Exhibit: ‘Free-Range Liberals in Their Natural Habitat’

Scott McNutt has a vision of what things will be like when Republicans achieve a “super majority” in the Legislature after this fall’s post-redistricting elections
that manages to skewer Democrats as well as the GOP.
An excerpt from the laugh-out-loud read:
House Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Mission Accomplished, said matters important to constituents would be quickly addressed, including bills expanding on legislation passed this session.
“We plan crucial bills on mandatory student suspender installation, gun suffrage, promoting alternative evolutionary theories such as the flat Earth theory and the world-on-a-big-turtle’s-back theory, means testing for voting — ‘those of means get to’ — and issuance of scarlet letters for women on birth control,” she explained.
Given the Democrats’ likely electoral annihilation, one bill Republican legislators intend to launch will relocate the rival party’s survivors to a wildlife refuge.
“Some memorial to the state’s two-party system is necessary, so people can still get a taste of the bad old days,” Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Arc de Triomphe, said.
The plans include carving out a replica Capitol on one of Tennessee’s beautifully strip-mined scenic vistas. There, the remaining Democratic officials will oversee a lifelike but nonfunctional government, so sightseers can observe how government with liberal policies once operated.
The superfluous functionaries would live on food stamps and unemployment benefits — a grim homage to the perils of big government.
“Voters will see free-range liberals in their natural habitat, wantonly taxing and spending other people’s money, except that it’s Monopoly money. We hold the true monopoly,” said Harwell.

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