Fleischmann: I’m Practicing, He’s Preaching

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann on Thursday said he can’t figure out why dairy magnate Scottie Mayfield is challenging him in the Republican primary in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District, reports the Chattanooga TFP.
“I’m already practicing what he’s preaching,” Fleischmann said.
In the first two months of his campaign, Mayfield has emphasized his business experience and downplayed politics, but had little to say about his views. At one point, he responded “Not really” to a question about whether he disagreed with any of Fleischmann’s votes.
On Thursday, Fleischmann reinforced the similarities, a mere 24 hours after the Mayfield campaign promoted the fresh addition of several political positions on its campaign website, whose only previous clue to Mayfield’s platform said, “Republican for Congress.”
The Mayfield campaign website now says the McMinn County resident wants to cut “wasteful Washington spending,” oppose “Obamacare” and “stand up for life and our East Tennessee values,” among other bullet points.
“Just reading this for the first time,” Fleischmann said, “this appears to be the things I’m already doing in Congress with my voting record and legislation.”
…Tommy Hopper, a Mayfield consultant, did not address a specific question on how his candidate differs from Fleischmann on the issues, but in a written statement he said:
“Our campaign isn’t against anyone — it’s about moving our country back in the right direction,” Hopper wrote. “We know Chuck is doing the best he can, but what we need are men with 40 years experience in small business and creating jobs and less Washington political games.

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