Knox House Candidate’s Legal Residence Questioned

Knox County election officials have asked the state to decide a legal question about the Knox County residency of a Democrat hopeful for state House of Representatives, .the News Sentinel reports
Shelley Breeding has filed paperwork to run in the newly created 89th District, which lies entirely in Knox County. But her residential property lies partly in Anderson County and partly in Knox County, said Knox County Election Coordinator Cliff Rodgers.
“At this point, we are waiting on guidance” from the state election coordinator’s office, Rodgers said. “We hope to hear from them soon.”
He said an employee in his office noticed that KGIS showed part of her property was in Anderson County.
“Her mailbox and her driveway are in Knox County, but her house is entirely in Anderson County,” Rodgers said. The real estate taxes on the property “are paid to the Anderson County trustee’s office, through her mortgage company.”

Breeding said she was unaware that the mortgage company was paying the taxes in Anderson County only.
“I just assumed (the mortgage company) was paying them in both counties,” she said.
She also said a surveyor has told her the information in KGIS might be incorrect,
“I pay personal property taxes in Knox County,” she said
Breeding said her cars are registered in and her driver’s license issued through Knox County, that she has been registered to vote in Knox County since 2006, and that she has recently been called to jury duty in Knox County.
“I am very surprised the Knox County Election Commission made the choice to call my candidacy into question,” she said. “I will vigorously defend my rights as a Knox County resident if I am forced to challenge the election commission on this matter. I have lived at my home in Knox County for three years.”

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