In Nashville, 4 Metro Council Members Run for Legislature

Excerpt from a Pat Nolan political commentary piece:
As far as the legislative races in Davidson County, you’ll see a strong trend of members of the Metro Council trying to go to the Hill. At least four current council members want to be in the General Assembly (I heard several others thought seriously about it but did not file petitions). In some cases, those running are trying to take advantage of vacancies created by retirements of long time lawmakers (Bo Mitchell is seeking to take over Gary Moore’s seat and Jason Potts wants to fill the seat held by Janis Sontany). Others are challenging incumbents, who themselves were once in the Council (Robert DuVall is taking on Sherry Jones and Darren Jernigan is running against Jim Gotto).
Why do Council members want to also serve on the state level? Well, I am sure they would tell you about their desire to continue and expand their service to the public. But it should also be pointed out that being a state lawmaker can be an ongoing career, while being a council member is limited to no more than two terms (8 years). By the way, Council members elected to the General Assembly can legally hold both positions at the same time. Over the years, many have done so. Gary Odom, Tim Garrett, Sherry Jones and Janis Santany come to mind).
Dual service is a lot of extra work and it hasn’t been done much in recent years. But if these four council members are successful this August and November we could see several more folks doing double duty on each end of Deadrick Street downtown come next January.

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