25 Candidates for Legislative Seats Have No Opponent

Lucky, likeable or a combination of both are 25 Tennessee legislative candidates who made it through the state’s qualifying deadline this week with no opponent in either the Aug. 2 primaries or Nov. 3 general election, according to Andy Sher.
Barring disaster or a very, very unlikely successful write-in challenge, these men and women are guaranteed election.
The luckiest one of them all may well be Republican Mike Carter, of Ooltewah, according to the secretary of state’s unofficial list of qualified candidates.
The list shows Carter, a businessman and attorney, is the only candidate to qualify for a vacant seat without an opponent.
The other 24 are all incumbents — 22 in the 99-member House and two among the 16 Senate seats up this year.
That breaks down like this: 14 House Republicans and eight Democratic incumbents have no opponents. Among them is Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell, of Nashville.
The two sitting senators with no opponent are both Republicans. They are Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, of Blountville, and Sen. Ken Yager, R-Harriman, who represents Rhea County among other counties.
And everyone else? Sometimes they have token opposition from somebody in the primary or general election. Some have serious opposition, and some fall in between.
After all, it only takes a wing and a prayer and 25 signatures to get on the ballot. Moreover, Tennessee has no filing fees to run

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