TBI Reports Campus Crime Up Slightly in 2011

News release from TBI:
Nashville, Tenn. – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation today released the “Crime on Campus 2011” report which shows a slight increase of crime statewide on Tennessee’s campuses after a decrease in reported offenses for 2010. Prior to 2010, the state saw a decrease of crime on campus every year between 2004 and 2008 with a slight increase in 2009.
There were 7,493 offenses reported in 2011 compared with 7,190 in 2010, a 4.2% increase overall. Violent crime was also up nearly 20% for a second year in a row.
Overview of Reported Offenses
§ Drug/Narcotics and drug equipment violations have increased yearly since 2008 for a total increase of approximately 47% with 2010 to 2011 having the largest increase of nearly 26%. There were 772 of these type of offenses reported in 2011.
§ There was a 47% increase in forcible sex offenses reported from the previous year and an increase in the number of reported rapes with 20 reported overall.
§ 37% of all 2011 offenses reported were categorized as larceny/theft which is an increase from 2010. However, there was an overall decrease of 3% since 2009.
§ Overall, assault offenses increased by 6.5% with aggravated assaults being down and simple assaults increasing.
§ Theft of motor vehicle offenses have declined nearly 25% since 2009.
§ DUI violations have decreased 25% since 2008.
The TBI publishes the annual Crime on Campus report pursuant to the 1989 College and University Security Information Act enacted by the Tennessee General Assembly. All colleges and universities are mandated to report crime statistics to TBI in an effort to assist law enforcement, institution administrations and government officials in planning their efforts to fight crime and applying crime prevention strategies.
To view a full copy of the “Crime on Campus 2011” report, including statistics from each individual institution, go to www.tbi.tn.gov and click on “Statistical Analysis Center” from the “Tennessee Crime Statistics” button on TBI’s homepage.

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