Bills Signed Into Law by the Governor, 3/30/12

Here is the latest bacth of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by the governors office on March 30:
House Bill No. 2830 (Ryan Williams)
This bill permits private probation providers who meet certain qualifications to contract with the department of correction to supervise Class E felony offenders who are granted probation.
(Passed House 78-13; Passed Senate 27-3)
House Bill No. 3053 (McDaniel)
This bill designates as confidential and not subject to open records laws any records obtained by or disclosed to a municipality or county by a cable or video service provider for the purpose of an audit or review.
(Passed House 93-0; Passed Senate 33-0)

House Bill No. 3843 (Sargent)
This bill amends charter provisions involving the office of vice-mayor in the City of Franklin.
(Passed House 92-0, present not voting- 2; Passed Senate 31-0)
House Bill No. 3844 (Sargent)
This bill expands the power of the City of Franklin regarding the construction, maintenance, and repair of public sidewalks.
(Passed House 92-0, present not voting- 2; Passed Senate 31-0)
House Bill No. 3845 (Sargent)
This bill prohibits candidates from running for more than one elective office in City of Franklin at any one (1) election.
(Passed House 92-0, present not voting- 2; Passed Senate 31-0)
House Bill No. 3848 (Forgety)
This bill dissolves the Woods Memorial Hospital District Board of Trustees in McMinn County.
(Passed House 94-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
House Bill No. 3834 (Harmon)
This bill divides Sequatchie County into 9 school districts, which are identical to the county legislative body districts.
(Passed House 92-0, present not voting-2; Passed Senate 33-0)
Senate Bill No. 2216 (Norris)
This administration bill requires that the limits on loans from a state bank to any one borrower must take into consideration credit exposure arising from derivative transactions between the state bank and the borrower.
(Passed House 97-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
Senate Bill No. 2222 (Norris)
This administration bill changes the annual license expiration for each licensed health care facility from June 30 to the annual anniversary of the date of the original issue of the license.
(Passed House 98-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
Senate Bill No. 2226 (Norris)
This administration bill creates one admission review committee for 2 developmental centers and the Harold Jordan Center.
(Passed House 95-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
Senate Bill No. 2264 (Watson)
This bill requires written approval of the comptroller of the treasury and the governor only for any compromise settlement greater than $25,000.
(Passed House 98-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
Senate Bill No. 2290 (Faulk)
This bill authorizes the Board of Equalization to conduct a continuing education program and charge agents who attend a credit fee in an amount sufficient to defray the cost of the program.
(Passed House 97-1; Passed Senate 28-0)
Senate Bill No. 2297 (Ketron)
This bill names a bridge on State Route 166 in Maury County in honor of Dr. L. Paul Sands.
(Passed House 93-0; Passed Senate 32-0; Senate concurred in House amendment 1)
Senate Bill No. 2384 (Faulk)
This bill prohibits certain county officers from having conflicts of interest in contractual services in the same way that they are prohibited from having conflicts of interests in the purchase of supplies, machinery, materials, and equipment.
(Passed House 94-1; Passed Senate 32-0)
Senate Bill No. 2466 (McNally)
This bill changes the location of the Veterans Memorial Mile in Knox County to a segment of SR 62 from Solway Bridge to the intersection with SR 162.
(Passed House 94-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
Senate Bill No. 2490 (Summerville)
This bill increases from $300,000 to $500,000 the maximum amount a municipality needs in gross revenues and debt to contract with a certified municipal finance officer (CMFO) or a qualified individual who is exempt from CMFO certification for financial oversight.
(Passed House 94-0; Passed Senate 33-0)
Senate Bill No. 2576 (Berke, Stewart)
This bill designates a portion of State Highway 28 in Sequatchie and Marion counties as “Veterans’ memorial Park Highway.”
(Passed Senate 32-0; passed House 94-0)
Senate Bill No. 2647 (Yager, Barnes)
This bill adds Morgan County to the group of Tennessee counties where the training season for coon dogs is at least six months out of the year, instead of having a training season from July 1 to the first day of the open season for hunting raccoons.
(Passed Senate 32-0; Passed House 93-0)
Senate Bill No. 2766 (Overbey, Yager, Massey, Speaker Ramsey, Faulk, Crowe, Ketron, Harper, Marrero)
This bill is the Annual Coverage Assessment Act of 2012.
(Passed Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 90-2, present not voting-1)
Senate Bill No. 2829 (Ketron)
This bill redefines “domestic holding company” for purposes of the Credit Card State Bank Act to include a company that is under common control with another company and that meets certain statutory criteria.
(Passed House 91-1; Passed Senate 28-3; Senate concurred in House amendment 1)
Senate Bill No. 2841 (Crowe, Herron)
This bill designates a segment of State route 18 as “national Bird Dog Highway.”
(Passed Senate as Amended; Amended Bill Passed House 94-0)
Senate Bill No. 2885 (Haynes)
This bill merely extends a current section of the code that allowed unpublished telephone numbers and addresses in the possession of emergency communications distracts to be treated as confidential and not open for public inspection.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed House 92-1)
Senate Bill No. 3263 (Bell, Watson, Johnson, Berke, Ketron, Faulk, Stewart, Crowe)
This bill gives nursing homes the authority to hire physicians to work at the facilities so long as there is a written contract and so long as various conditions are met.
(Passed Senate as Amended 33-0; Amended Bill Passed House 97-0)
Senate Bill No. 3379 (Bell)
This bill extends the sunset date of the board of medical examiners to June 30, 2016.
(Passed Senate as Amended 30-0; Amended Bill Passed House 84-8)
Senate Bill No. 3779 (Southerland)
This bill revises the code to provide for a city administrator and for the appointment of a city judge in Greeneville, Tennessee.
(Passed Senate 30-0; Passed House 94-0)

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