Postulating the Nonexistence of Tennessee Politicians

Scott McNutt turns to philosophical musing in his Sunday satire column. It starts like this:
In the 11th century, St. Anselm proposed the ontological argument for the existence of god: God is that which nothing greater can be conceived.
In the 21st century, the Political Philosophers Guild has postulated the ontological argument for the nonexistence of Tennessee politicians: Government in Tennessee is the joke of which nothing sillier can be conceived, and therefore Tennessee politicians can’t be for real.
The silliness of Tennessee’s government makes clear that its politicians are intended for amusement purposes only, the PPG argues.
PPG member Sophie Stree says a number of actions by Tennessee’s government prove its lack of reality.
“Gov. (Bill) Haslam will take a position on an inane subject like encouraging Peyton Manning to play for the Tennessee Titans, but won’t take a position on something important, like mountaintop removal; how silly is that?” she said. “Likewise, the state Legislature spends its time issuing bills trying to provide cover for teaching nonscientific theories in school science classes with a new, thoroughly modern ‘monkey bill’ and railing against specious one-world-government plots. Now, that’s entertainment, not politics.”

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