Senate Votes to Repeal Aggregate PAC Limit, 17-12

The Senate voted Monday to repeal the current limit — $214,400 — on the total amount of money legislators can accept from political action committees during an election cycle.
Repeal of the aggregate limit on PAC money came over the objections of Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga, who said it will add to the public perception that “we are only here for the special interests; that we are only here for the people who can make these contributions.”
The sponsor, Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson, R-Hixson, merely explained the bill and did not respond to Democratic criticisms.
Besides the aggregate PAC limit, also epeals a provision in current law that prohibits insurance companies from making direct contributions to state candidates. Watson said that the insurance company ban was inadvertently overlooked last year when the Legislature voted to allow corporations generally to make donations to legislator campaigns.
Sen. Joe Haynes, D-Nashville, offered an amendment to remove the aggregate PAC limitation from the bill, leaving the provision on insurance companies. He said repealing the PAC provision “takes us in the wrong direction” from “trying to keep down the influence of money in what we do here.”
Haynes motion was killed on a 17-12 vote. The bill itself was then approved 17-12. It now goes to the House.

One thought on “Senate Votes to Repeal Aggregate PAC Limit, 17-12

  1. Em Chitty

    Unbelievable! We might as well just kiss the democracy goodbye and admit that rich people are buying and selling us every single day. I never thought Tennesseans would submit like this. I thought we were more independent than this. I thought we were not sheep. I guess I was wrong.

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