Some TVA Workers Unhappy With Posting of Their Salaries (median: $74,466?)

A lot of TVA employees are unhappy that the Chattanooga Times Free Press made all their salaries available on the newspaper’s website, according to a Sunday followup report.
The flood from TVA has lessened but not dried up completely. I’m not referring to the controlled flooding at TVA’s numerous dams; rather, this is about the tsunami of responses I have received in the two weeks since the Times Free Press put the salaries of TVA’s 12,515 employees on our website.
Some threatened me and wished me bad luck, unhappiness and, well, let’s just say great personal misfortune. One irate woman ended her email this way: “Wishing you the worst.” A few left me anonymous, expletive-laced voice mails.
The newspaper’s use of the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the public information is “sleazy and unethical,” according to one TVA employee. Another said publishing the salaries is “disruptive to productivity and efficiency because of the inevitable emotional effects, including jealousy and resentment.
” A top TVA official, in a letter to employees, said TVA turned the information over to the newspaper because it “is important that we try to maintain the level of transparency … that the public expects from us.”
…Another reader commented: “TVA employees whose median income is $74,465 surely have the means to search for and read Title 5 of the U.S. Code, or their own site’s good summary at We’re coming up on 50 years of this law essential for us to be a democracy.”

Note: the salary listings are HERE, part of a public information listing that also includes mug shots of criminal suspects.

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