Mayor’s Letter to Legislators: Please, Let Us Have an Anti-Bias Ordinance

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has written a letter to the state Senate, urging lawmakers to reverse their reversal of Metro’s nondiscrimination ordinance, reports Chas Sisk.
In a one-page letter given to members of the Senate State & Local Government Committee last week, Dean says he supports Senate Bill 2762. That bill would let Metro reinstate a nondiscrimination ordinance that the city passed last April but the legislature quickly nullified in May.
“That local ordinance prohibited Metro Government contractors from discriminating in their employment practices based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” Dean wrote. “I believe it was an important expression of the fact that Nashville is an open, welcoming place that does not tolerate discrimination, and I was proud to sign it into law.
“A number of cities throughout the country have passed local ordinances similar to Nashville’s. Such ordinances represent the decisions of locally elected government bodies, and I believe they deserve the respect of the state legislature. Now is not the time to abandon our belief in local government.”
The letter once again put the mayor on the record in favor of the Metro nondiscrimination law. But it’s not likely to do a whole lot else
Note: A vote on the bill was postponed last week after Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris said he was undecided and asked the sponsor, Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle, for more time to think about it… leading proponents of repeal more optimistic than before. Still, as Chas says, a Republican reversal is rather unlikely.

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