Governor Urged to Restore Cuts in Social Programs

With state tax revenues rebounding, Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is under pressure from legislative Democrats, some Republicans and social-service advocates to restore cuts proposed to programs they say help some of Tennessee’s most vulnerable children and adults.
So reports Andy Sher. More:
Areas slated for cuts in the coming fiscal year range from family resource centers, which coordinate support services such as food and tutoring for poorer students, to community services for the mentally ill. The 2012-13 fiscal year begins July 1.
“I think the first thing we ought to do is restore some of those things that were on the chopping block in this budget,” said House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh, D-Ripley, a former Finance Committee chairman.

Here are some of the slated cuts that concern advocates and lawmakers the most in the governor’s budget:
Family Resource Centers: $3.05 million
ConnecTEN: $2 million
Mental Health Crisis services: $311,500
Mental Health Peer support centers: $2.37 million
Mental Health Child care consultation: $163,000
Mental Health Planned respite services: $114,000
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Family support program: $2.68 million
Healthy Start: $3.06 million
Children’s Advocacy Centers: $250,000
Commission on Children and Youth: $1.5 million

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