Bill Requires More Proof of Job Search to Get Unemployment Benefits

Governor Bill Haslam is backing a proposal to make people getting unemployment benefits prove they’re looking for a job, reports WPLN.
The measure would require those getting unemployment to list where they’re looking for work. The state would conduct random audits to make sure they try in several places each week. The bill would also cut people off unemployment rolls if they botch a job offer by failing a drug test, or refusing to take one.
The proposal enjoys support from Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, and Governor Haslam says he’s on board as well.
“I think the direction Lieutenant Governor Ramsey is going is 100 percent right.”
Haslam says he and Ramsey briefly discussed the measure this week.
“I told him I’d do our homework with our department to try to understand cost to state government, impact, and then be back to weigh in on that probably next week.”
A legislative estimate says overhauling the state’s system to track and audit people getting unemployment will take more than a $100 thousand.

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