TN GOP Denounces Lincoln Davis Lawsuit

News release from Tennessee Republican Party:
NASHVILLE, TN – In response to former Democrat Congressman Lincoln Davis’ clear attempts to make a political statement by suing the state for properly purging state voter registrations, including felons and the deceased, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney released the following statement:
“This lawsuit has nothing to do with voter integrity and everything to do with vengeance. Lincoln Davis just can’t let it go that he overwhelmingly lost his Congressional seat in 2010 and is now seeking revenge,” said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney.
“He has sought to seek the limelight and make a political statement by wanting to restore the voting rights of thousands of convicted felons and dead people who were properly purged from voter rolls.
“It’s hard to make Democrats like Lincoln Davis understand the importance of having to show a photo ID, when he doesn’t even think that you should have to produce a pulse in order to vote.
“While Republicans want to protect the ballot box from voter fraud, Democrats like Lincoln Davis are still licking their wounds, wasting taxpayers’ money,” concluded Devaney.

Davis’ Stunt Is All About Politics:
Davis Himself Admitted That It Was Just a Mistake. “I don’t think there was malicious intent. I don’t think anyone meant to harm me. I think there was a mistake.” (Former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis, Press Conference, 3/12/12)
Davis Clerical Error Was Fixed “The Next Day After.” “[State Coordinator of Elections Mark] Goins, whose office is attached to the secretary of state’s for administrative matters, said Monday that the Davis situation resulted from a clerical error. ‘It was an isolated situation,’ Goins said. ‘We said we’re sorry, and we are. We reinstated him literally the next day after.'” (Ansley Haman, “Ex-congressman Lincoln Davis sues State of Tennessee after being denied vote,” Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/13/12)
Davis Fighting To Include “Thousands Of Voters Who Should Not Be On The Rolls.” “The state received no other complaints from voters whose registration had been purged, Goins said. Davis’ suit would result in thousands of voters who should not be on the rolls — including the deceased, felons and people who have moved — being reregistered.” (Chas Sisk, “Super Tuesday voting glitch prompts Lincoln Davis lawsuit,” Tennessean, 3/13/12)

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