Tennessee History: When a Missed Bus Stopped Daylight Savings Time

Once upon a time, the Tennessee Legislature opted out of Daylight Savings Time because state Rep. I.D. Beasley missed a bus to Nashville. Sam Venable, after talking with the Legislature’s librarian and the late legislator’s nephew, tells the tale in a News Sentinel column.
An excerpt:
“One morning, Uncle I.D. walked down to the bus station in Carthage, just like always. But the bus was already gone. He’d forgotten about the switch to Daylight Saving Time. Made him mad as a hornet.”
For Hizzoner Beasley, this was a call to arms.
A carryover from World War II during that era, DST was never popular with farmers. Beasley controlled the rural bloc in his part of the state, so it was a simple matter for him to draw up a bill abolishing the practice and guide it along to final approval.
Eddie Weeks, librarian for the Tennessee General Assembly, did some archival digging for me — and sure enough, he found Beasley’s bill, which was signed into law on Feb. 4, 1949, by Gov. Gordon Browning.

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