Bill Repealing PAC Limits Advances; Ramsey Would Like to Go Further

A bill repealing limits on how much money legislative candidates can take from political action committees has won approval from a Senate committee on a party line vote – Republicans backing the bill, Democrats opposing.
The 6-3 vote in the Senate State and Local Government Committee clears the measure (SB3645) for a Senate floor vote. In the House, it is up for its first committee vote next week.
Under current law, a candidate for a House or Senate seat can take no more than $107,200 per election from PACs – or $214,400 for a primary and general election combined.
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is pushing the proposal. He told reporters Thursday his personal preference would be to eliminate all limitations on on political contributions and simply require that they be disclosed promptly through Internet filings..
“I think limits are silly,” he said.
But Ramsey said most other legislators would not go along with that idea, fearing that media criticism “would eat them alive.”

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