When the Governor Speaks, We Listen

Wise sayings from our governor Tuesday as recorded by Tennessee reporters.
Secrecy Balance
On keeping secret the ownership of companies receiving cash grants from the state for economic development:
“I understand the concern about public money and people wanting to understand who is ultimately benefiting from that. But I think everybody needs to understand, none of our competitors is asking for that information or making that public. So if we do that, we will be at a decided disadvantage,” Haslam told reporters… “You can go talk to people who we’re dealing with and they will say, if that’s the deal, then we’re out. That’s why you have the legislative process, to try to get it right and get the right balance.”
Gun BalanceOn “guns in parking lots” legislation:
“This is one area where Republicans believe in property rights and they believe in Second Amendment rights,” he said. “Getting the balance right is important.”
In Search of Understanding
On changes in lottery scholarship rules to favor home schoolers:
“I would need to understand what the reason is for the distinction, which I haven’t heard yet,” Haslam said.

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