Kent Williams Collects Papers to Run as Republican (and independent)

State Rep. Kent Williams, the Legislature’s only political independent after being banished from the Republican party in 2009, has picked up papers from the Carter County Election Commission for qualifying as both an independent and as a Republican in this year’s elections.
The state GOP declared that Williams could not run as a Republican after he joined with House Democrats to elect himself as House speaker. He was replaced as House speaker in 2011 by Beth Harwell after Republicans gained a bigger majority in the 2010 elections.
Williams, who calls himself a “Carter County Republican,” said he is exploring options. But Nickas said Wednesday that the Republican State Executive Committee would have to approve Williams readmission to the party and, “It would be my guess he would find the door still shut.”
The deadline for filing as a candidate for legislative office is April 5.

2 thoughts on “Kent Williams Collects Papers to Run as Republican (and independent)

  1. Eric Holcombe

    Kent should explore becoming a “Santorum Republican” then you don’t have to file squat. Santorum didn’t need any delegates. Why waste all that money and effort when you can just get declared the winner.
    Oh yeah, that “door” is still shut. Some Republicans are more equal than others.

  2. doe_river

    I would like to thank the Tennessee General Assembly GOPers for helping to end the Republican “lock” in Carter County (perhaps the most independent county in the Volunteer State).

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